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Set A File Exception While Scanning By Avira Support Team

Posted by Johnny, on 9:05 PM

Avira is antivirus software that takes up only few space of your computer memory. It has a very low impact on system performance. It keeps the system safe from unexpected danger of the viruses. It performs well with its high-quality features to remove infection and bugs. It uses malware and virus definition files to detect the file behavior. Sometimes, it detects the file as “false positive” which is not actually harmful one. To add that particular file in the exception list, you can follow these steps:

  • 1. Make a right-click on Avira icon on the taskbar of your system and click Start AntiVir
  • 2. Now, select Configuration and then click on “Expert Mode” check box.
  • 3. Locate Scanner option and then the “+” symbol located next to it. Select the “+” icon to expand the menu and then click Exceptions.
  • 4. Select the Browse button and go to the file system on your laptop to the file that you wish to exclude from on-demand scanning. Select the name to highlight it and then click OK.
  • 5. Now, go to Add button to add it to the exception list. Select + icon located next to Guard option. Doing this will expand the menu, click Exceptions option.
  • 6. Once it is done, select the Browse button in the “File Objects to be omitted by the Guard” pane. Go to the place of the file which you wish to exclude from on-access scanning, select it and click on OK. Select on Add button to add it to the exception list.
  • 7. Afterward, click Apply to make changes and then OK to close the Configuration window.

Avira can do lot more things to provide a user a complete safety against viruses, malware, ransomware and cyber threats. However, users may face the problem with this software at anytime. In such situation, you should contact professionals who can tackle the complex situations easily. Avira Support Canada is present with its trained technicians to solve your problems and concerns regarding the software and virus attack. Customers can dial this number +1-855-253-4222 at anytime on any day from anywhere in the world. The clients are given a quick response and the problem is sorted out within minutes.

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